A private high school limits its students' college applications to nine

Funds for this Wish List item will go toward a Smart Board and Camera for LPHS' College Lab.  The College Lab is a workspace for students to work on their college applications, meet with college admissions reps, attend a variety of workshops, meet in postsecondary groups and clubs, meet with the counselors and their families, and complete financial aid applications. All college rep visits are hosted in the College Lab, which ends up being roughly 120 visits from individual colleges and any students that are interested in those schools. The Lab is open during all lunches and for a short time after school for students to come in and work on their own applications, conduct postsecondary research, and gather more information about colleges. Teachers also bring their classes to the College Lab for presentations and research when they are doing an essay writing unit or postsecondary unit in their classes.  The Smart Board would be extremely beneficial for the many presentations to larger groups of students, including financial aid workshops/applications, college workshops/applications, essay writing workshops, and college reps presenting their own presentations during their visits.