Food Science & Technology Center | Plymouth High School

A greenhouse is a wonderful way to integrate so many things that students are learning in their seats in other classes.  For example:

  • Art classes – students have real life objects to sketch, it’s a place to inspire creativity with the colors of nature
  • Math classes – the greenhouse is a place to collect data, learn about measurements.  Students can use graphing skills and make projections.  It’s also a great place to learn about shadows and light, measuring distance / height using higher math formulas.
  • Language arts – students can journal about their daily experiences, they learn new vocabulary words. They can create stories about the plants.
  • Science – there are great lessons to be had with experiments about what effects plant growth.  Students can also learn about global warming, climate change and the effects of heat and light on plants.

Donating toward this Wish List item will go toward a fabulous greenhouse at LPHS!